Say goodbye to fad diets, negative self talk & HELLO to a fun and healthy lifestyle you love!


After many years of watching the saturation of the internet about different health fads, I decided to create a program that empowered women to love the body their in!

A program that leads women to be stronger in mind and body!

I love how you can walk into this challenge at any stage on your health and fitness journey and reap the rewards, walking out more confident and stronger than you every imagined!

8 weeks of learning the greatest foods to fuel your body, how to exercise to get optimal results and discover the tools to build the strongest self confidence in the room!

I only take a minimum number of ladies in these challenges so be sure to click on the link and jump in before time runs out!

Do you find it difficult to sit still but you’re searching for a calmer lifestyle?

I’ve got you!  Learn how to be mindful in your busy world without feeling like you’re “falling behind”

Are you overwhelmed with the saturation of information about what you should and shouldn’t be fueling your body with?

I’ve got you!  Learn how to effortlessly fuel your body for optimal energy AND still indulge in your favourite treats!

Are you sick and tired of the negative self talk in your head??  Judging your every move?

I’ve got you!   Learn how to refraim your thoughts and attract abundance into your life!


Mother of 2

Belinda is 44 years old and a mother of 2 beautiful boys 💕 Belinda is a beauty therapist by trade and loves a great eyebrow sculpt 🙂 In September 2018 Belinda decided to invest in Danni Vee's 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge - The 360 Mind Body Reset 🙌 Before joining the challenge Belinda felt uncomfortable and bloated most days and NEVER thought by changing a few small things in her diet and thoughts could make such a BIG difference to how she felt..... "I had so much support from Danni Vee and from everyone in the program. Danni taught me to be more mindful of what I fueled my body with. We all shared photos of our nutrition and Danni supported and guided us to make effortless changes". Belinda has not only kept the weight off, she is now really enjoying choosing to be healthier in body and mind. "I am feeling the strongest I have felt in my life and loving it!"
Belinda Bloomer
Beauty Therapist

when you join Danni’s 360MBR…

you'll get immediate access to....

Weekly Live Feeds to boost your results

Danni will be giving great hints and tips to help you through the mindset shifts you need to reach your greatest goal

Private Member's Forum

A private facebook group where you can share your journey and find inspiration from others going through the same challenges as you

Goal Setting Session with Danni

This Challenge is like no other as it focuses on YOUR goals. Danni will dig deep into why you are here what we need to do to get you the best results

Access to Danni's VIP App

Get access to recipes, meal plans and workouts

Start up Guide

A easy to follow guide that will kick start your journey, I teach you my intuitive eating technique that will never leave you wanting more!

This program IS for you if...

  • You need a coach that is deeply passionate about you achieving your goals and beyond
  • You’re tired of yo-yoing between every diet/advise saturating social media and the net
  • You know that some challenges can be great, but you often leave feeling lost without the support
  • You’re open and coachable
  • You are looking for a sisterhood of women who aren’t afraid to stand up and cheer you on along your journey
  • You are motivated by action takers and it excites you to see other women stepping up and creating a healthy lifestyle
  • You’re not after quick fixes or restrictive diets, instead you are wanting to still “indulge” in your faves while learning how to fuel your body for optimal energy
  • You feel like you NEVER have time and you’re overwhelmed when it comes to knowing what the next step is to be the best version of YOU!
  • You are ready to say “GOODBYE” to the mean girl in your head that keeps any confidence at bay.  You’re ready to learn how to show up as your best self in all aspects of your life!

This program ISN'T for you if....

  • If you’re looking for a quick fix
  • You are not open to learning new ways of looking at your life
  • You don’t like the truth
  • You expect everything to happen instantly
  • You don’t want to have a growth mindset & you’re not willing to share with the other women on the journey with you!


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Lost 6.5% body fat

In September 2018 Lucia invested in Danni Vee's 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge - The 360 Mind Body Reset
Lucia was very hesitant about joining the challenge as she was worried she would be able to stick to it. She had a lot of self doubt and believed she wasn't going to see any results in 8 weeks, so why bother?? Lucia also found it very difficult to justify spending the money and time on herself as a working mum.
Lucia took the plunge and hasn't looked back! "The thing I loved most about the challenge was the accountability. Danni has created tools to track our habits and consider the postive and negative impacts they have on our lifestyle and then allowed the space to take responsibility to make changes where we wanted"
"Danni and the other challengers provided a really supportive, encouraging & honest environment"
Since completing Danni Vee's 360MBR Lucia's self confidence has grown! She now believes in herself and has stopped doubting her capability to be STRONG! "Danni's challenge had a huge impact on my mental and physical health. I now exercise daily, make healthier food choices & practice mindfulness" In just 8 short weeks Lucia lost 6.5% body fat and gained 1.54% lean muscle, not to mention the incredible lifestyle she gained aswell!!
Lucia Fruary
Finance Officer

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are a woman, absolutely!  The program is based on working towards YOUR goals.  Everyone is on their own journey be it weight loss, muscle gain or mindset growth, we cover it all.

I'M ALREADY TIME POOR, how much time is expected to be put in daily?​

How much time you put into the challenge is completely up to you.  Danni is here to support and guide you on your journey and we will be focusing on what YOU.  This program is designed to fit into a busy woman’s lifestyle.


Danni ensures she is available at all times through the private FB forum to help and guide all her girls.

Danni, I have no idea! do i have to understand macros, clean eating & all the rest to get the most out of the challenge

Not at all!  Danni is here to guide you through your journey no matter where you are at, be it learning the foods that will best fuel your body, or counting macros to attain a muscle gain goal.  Every aspect of health is made easy and simple to understand.

money is tight! do you offer any discounts or plans?

YES!  We have a great payment plan, to make the program affordable for every budget.  Contact Danni today to find out what we can do to suit your budget now.

Danni, I'm very hestitant! Will I actually see results in just 8 weeks?

Absolutely!  If you put the work in, results will come to you effortlessly.  Every woman that has participated in Danni’s programs have received results beyond their wildest dreams!

sharing is tough for me. Can i just share my progress with danni?

All progress photos and checkins are shared privately with Danni.  Danni will not share any of your photos or results unless permission is given by you first.

do i have to attend fitness classes with danni to be a part of the challenge

Not at all!  This program is online based.  You will receive access to Danni’s VIP app where she can program specifically towards your goals and you can use anywhere you are.

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